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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Home Spa Diary

After a hard week at work, what comes most to your mind? Relaxation, de-stressing, mental and physical winding-down! And to imagine driving out again to the facial saloon or spa, going through traffic and parking woes, just for a session that creates even more stress going to-and-fro. Not to mention the exorbitant fees I have to pay!

Why not do it at home? Create my own private spa session within the privacy of my own home – body, face and hair treatments that I can create according to my quirky requirements!

I wanted something natural – herbs, flowers, fruits and plants. So I tried Sukhita (a combination of “Sukhi” and “Atta” meaning happiness and good health). They have a complete range of products with healing and therapeutic properties, and simple instructions on how to prepare and use! Imagine feeling rested and looking beautiful at a fraction of the cost!

Monday, December 29, 2008

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Product Catalog - Pantira Natural Soap

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Pantira Thai Massage Relaxing Balm

50 g (RM 28.00 - 20% = RM 22.40)

Reflexology therapeutic stimulates blood circulation, relieves fatique and muscular pain by applying massage balm enriched with wide range of Thai ancient herb. Help balance and soothe your mind and body for total relaxation. Black Pepper essential oil help mitigate fatique or muscular pain and improve blood circulation . Eucalyptus oil helps relaxing. Rice bran oil acts as antioxidant higher then vitamin E 10 times, helps nourish, moisture and soften skin. Camphor yields cooling and energizing effects.

Usage: Apply and massage on affected area.

Jasmine Rice Milk Natural Soap
Mild formula for rejuvenating skin

80 g (RM 14.00 - 20% = RM 11.20)
15 g (RM 8.00 - 5% = RM 7.60)

A skin rejuvenating soap, enriched with rice, milk, soybean protein, honey and royal jelly. Ideal for nourishing your skin, leaving it healthy, soft and supple.

Usage: For facial and body cleaning

Pomegranate Natural soap
Bright and whitening formula

80 g (RM 14.00 - 20% = RM 11.20)
15 g (RM 8.00 - 5% = RM 7.60)

A skin whitening soap, enriched with licorice, Pomegranate and honey extract. Ideal for removing dead skin cells and lightening your skin, leaving it healthy, soft and supple.

Usage: For facial and body cleaning

Oriental Herbs Natural Soap
Anti-acne and rash formula for refreshing

80 g (RM 14.00 - 20% = RM 11.20)
15 g (RM 8.00 - 5% = RM 7.60)

A skin refreshing soap, enriched with ginger, lemongrass, and bergamot leaf powder. Ideal for skin cleansing, reduce bacterial crowd, which caused body odor, acne, and rash.Discover new fine healthy skin.

Usage: For facial and body cleaning

Holiday Spices Natural Soap
Firming formula

80 g (RM 14.00 - 20% = RM 11.20)
15 g (RM 8.00 - 5% = RM 7.60)

A skin firming soap, enriched with black pepper, paprika, Camphor, vetiver oil and guarana Extract. Ideal for firming skin. Smooth throughout body with nice scent from Thai traditional spice herbs. Help refreshing and relaxing.

Usage: For facial and body cleaning

Product Catalog - Hand & Foot Spa

Purchase online now and enjoy 20% online discount.

Sukhita Daily Foot Treatment

125 g (RM 69.00 - 20% = RM 55.20)

Enriched with Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E, this product is extremely nourishing. Help smooth out rough dry or cracked skin by replenishing the moisture. Absorb rapidly into the skin and leave your feet feeling soft, smooth, soothed and relaxed. It is also useful for preventing feet from malodors and bacteria. Gentle enough for daily use and ideal for use on callosed areas. Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E nourish your dry and cracked skin. Tea Tree Oil helps reduce odour-causing bacteria. Peppermint Oil energizes and refreshes your tired feet.

Direction: Clean your feet then smooth the cream over your feet. Massage continuously until completely absorbed. Apply as often as you need to soften and moisturize dry feet.

Sukhita Herbal Foot Bath Salt

200 g (RM 58.00 - 20% = Rm 46.40)

Combined with Basil Leaf, Camphor, Menthol, Triclosan, Peppermint and Tea Tree essential oil to create a cool, soothing foot bath. Help refresh, relax and relieve tired and fatigued feet after a stressful day. Menthol, Camphor and Peppermint Oil deliver a brisk cooling sensation that relaxes tired feet. Basil Leaf and Tea Tree Oil helps reduce odor-causing from perspiration. Sea Salt and Triclosan act as anti-bacterial agent.

Direction: Dissolve a few scoops of this refreshing foot bath salt into a basin of warm water for a refreshing indulgence. Then soak feet for 10-20 minutes anytime you experience tension. For a wonderful treat, follow with Sukhita Peppermint & Apricot Foot Massage Scrub and Peppermint Daily Foot Treatment.

Sukhita Aromatic Hand & Nail Daily Treatment

75 g (RM 55.00 - 20% = Rm 44.00)

Provides moisture and keeps your nails and hands soft and silky smooth. Once the cream is completely absorbed, you will feel its velveting effect. Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E provide nourish to your cuticles, chipped or cracked nails. Keratin strengthens brittle nails. Ginger improves circulation. Orange Oil and Lime Extract offers invigorating aromatherapy benefits and acts as antioxidants.

Direction: Slowly massage your hands from the fingernails to the wrists.

Sukhita Apricot Foot Massage Scrub

150 g (RM 77.00 - 20% = RM 61.60)

Helps to gently remove dead skin cells and reduces calloses. Not only leave your feet feeling soft, smooth and soothed but also prevent your feet from malodors and bacteria. Vitamin E penetrates deeply to nourish and fortify your dry and cracked skin. Apricot Scrub helps remove dead skin and smoothen heals. Tea Tree Oil helps reduce undesirable odour from perspiration. Peppermint Oil energizes and refreshes your tired feet.

Direction: After your foot bath, apply on fingertips and gently massage in a circular motion over your entire foot. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Leave your feet feel